Is paragliding a dangerous sport?

Like all kind of outdoor activities, paragliding involves certain risks that can be reduced to zero thanks to the pilot’s experience and caution.

Who can fly?

Everyone, from the age of 4 to 99, can fly, you just need to be able to make a short ride along the slope. In the event of mobility difficulties, it is possible to fly with a two-seater motorized paraglider (trike) that takes off on wheels.

How long is the flight?

It depends on the aerological conditions; as a first experience we recommend the “standard” flight which lasts more or less 20 minutes, but for the most demanding passengers we recommend the “performance”, around 35 minutes.

What about if I suffer from vertigo?

We all suffer a little bit, but this sensation, paradoxically, never happens during the flight.

What about if a couple would like to fly together?

There is nothing better than sharing this experience with your friends or your lover, for this reason our team consists of different pilots who can fly at the same time.

Can I shoot during the flight?

Absolutely yes! All our pilots are equipped with a gopro camera to record and snap the best moments of the flight, you will get all the material once landed directly on your device.

Do I need any special clothing?

Nothing more than sneakers and comfortable clothes suitable for the season. We recommend sunglasses.